Neighborhood House High Point Center

Together with Neighborhood House and the Seattle Housing Authority, we facilitated a thorough programming exercise for the High Point Center and completed schematic design for a very complicated program by bringing all stakeholders together to discuss program needs, identify possible synergies and trade-offs, and establish design and budget priorities. We believe that the design process is enriched through collaboration. The building includes administrative and counseling offices, a family center, large classrooms, a teen center, youth tutoring and early education and enhancement programs.

Sustainable design concepts incorporated into the project yielded a LEED Gold certified project. Included in these concepts are: redevelopment of an urban site close to public transportation systems; providing bicycle storage and a shower for alternative transportation users; collecting and filtering rainwater from impervious surfaces through the stormwater system established throughout the award-winning 120 acre High Point Neighborhood; preventing solar heat gain while increasing daylight into spaces through the use of external shading devices; conserving electricity with a ground source heat pump HVAC system; and generating up to one half of the building’s electricity needs with a 4,000 square foot photovoltaic array, the largest privately owned array to date in the State of Washington.

  • Client: Neighborhood House
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Year of Completion: 2010
  • Project Size: 20,000 square feet
  • Type: Childcare Center & Community Facilities