Sail River Heights Longhouse Apartments

Sail River Heights is a 51-acre subdivision on the Makah reservation in the coastal town of Neah Bay. Located upland from the tsunami zone, Sail River Heights is home to nearly 80 tribal families, a critical need in this remote area. Through a community engagement process conducted by the tribe, tribal members identified important elements for the new subdivision, including a community club, garden, playground and picnic spaces in addition to affordable housing.

The Sail River Longhouse Apartments is the first permanent supportive housing project for homeless Native Americans on tribal lands in the Northwest. By providing supportive housing tailored to their needs, the Makah Tribe hopes to house those suffering with chemical dependency and family violence who formerly had to leave the reservation to find shelter. This 21-unit multifamily project features a commons building designed to evoke the traditional longhouse, where residents can take part in activities, meet with staff, and socialize.

  • Client: Makah Tribal Housing Department
  • Location: Neah Bay, Washington
  • Year of Completion: 2014
  • Project Size: 19,600 square feet; 21 Units
  • Type: Multi-Family Housing