Villa San Juan Bautista

Villa San Juan Bautista is a model for innovative rural housing developments targeted for the farmworker community. Catholic Housing Services and Environmental Works worked extensively with the Centralia Community Development department to come up with a design that was compatible with the neighborhood in building form, color and detailing, ultimately creating a small, low density community that blends beautifully into the rural setting it inhabits.
The densely clustered 3-story townhouse-style buildings are grouped around a central greenspace with common’s building and a playground at its center. The courtyard provides a common gathering space to enhance a sense of community within the project, as well as a confined and well monitored playspace for parents to watch their children. Unit entries are clustered in groupings of 2-4 to help foster interaction between residents.

  • Client: Catholic Housing Services of Western Washington
  • Location: Centralia, Washington
  • Year of Completion: 2010
  • Project Size: 50 Units + Commons Building
  • Type: Multi-Family Housing